Volume 3 – Issue 09

ID Title PageNo
1 Effects of Cooperative Learning on Mathematical Achievement of French Students: A Case Study of Bagabaga College of Education, Tamale
Yakubu Sumani,James Natia Adam
2 Contribution of different groups of necrophagous insects, in the process of decomposition of a pig corpse (Sus scrofa domesticus L.) exposed to the open air, in the guinean
Alexandre Franklin KOFFI,Louis R. N. ABOUA ,Mathurin DJODJO,Hassane DAO,Joëlle D. E. KOFFI-TEBELE,Carine Y. E. YAPO
3 Plants with conservation status, endemics and relics within the Tarnovski Heights (Northern Bulgaria)
Dimcho Zahariev,Lidiya Taneva
4 Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Box Girders in Tension Zone Using New Materials
Askar,R. A., Abd-El Magid,S. S., NawarA. K.
5 Assessment Of The Geological Evolution And Hydrocarbon Potential Of Abu Sennan Area Through The Interpretation Of The Seismic Data And Log Data, Western Desert, Egypt.
Abd El-Gawad .A,Osman W.M,Mesbah M.A,Abd El-Fattah T.A.
6 Nonlinear Resonances in a Forced Modified Rayleigh-Duffing Oscillator
A. V. Monwanou,C. H. Miwadinou, L. Hinvi,J. B. Chabi Orou
7 Analysis of Seasonal Variation in Spectral Properties of Tropical Forest Canopies in Madhupur Sal Forest
Md. Abdus Salam ,Md. Abu Taleb Pramanik
8 Effectiveness of aqueous extracts of teak seeds on the growth and insect pests population of amaranth
Onunkun Oladele
9 Study The Behaviour Of Seismic Evaluation Of Multistoried Building With Floating Columns
Preethi G,Sudha P H,Maganur D S
10 Generating Data-Driven Hints for Programming Exercises in Code-Writing Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Y Nguyen Van,Hieu Bui Trong
11 Medicinal plants in Dragoevska Mountain (Northeastern Bulgaria)
Dimcho Zahariev
12 The Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in Ghana
Roland S. Kabange
13 Non-health Externalities Contribution to Sanitation Improvement: A Review
Roland S. Kabange
14 Flexural and Water Sorption Properties of Cement Bonded Composites Produced From Pozzolan and Portland Cement
Abel B. Olaoye,Bolade M. Ogunleye,Nusirat A. Sadiku,Francis A. Faruwa,James S. Fabiyi