Volume 2 – Issue 8

ID Title PageNo
1 Geochemistry and Petrotectonic studies of the Extensional I- and A-types Neoproterozoic granitic rocks of continental arc assemblage on Gabal Gassuss area, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt
Abdellah Sadek Tolba
2 Mineralogical Characterization of Sedimentary Clays of the Main Wadis of the Region of Meknes – Morocco Statistical Approach
Adil Lammini, Ali Dehbi, Hind Omari, Abdelaziz Abdallaoui
3 Existence and Uniqueness of Solution of a Mathematical Model of T cell Infection by HIV
Egbetade, S.A., Salawu, I.A.
4 Garbage Aqua Cure Practise Oversee Adopting GSM
M.Rajaparthiban,M.Sasirekha,B.Siasankari , S.Sathyapriya
6 Canny Edge Detection Method for Medical Image Retrieval
Sana’a khudayer Jadwa
8 The smart city as a vector for sustainable development: technology for the service of citizens
Hajar El M’Hadi,A. Cherkaoui
9 Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Poly-Functionalized Siloxanes
George A. Adjei,Christian K. Adokoh , Christopher A. Ramsden
10 An experimental and analytical study to show the Effect of the reinforced carbon fiber percentages on the epoxy thermal conductivity and the heatsink performance
Thamer Khalif Salem,Raaid R. Jassem , Saad S. Farhan
11 Fabration Organic Soler Cells Used P3Ht:Orang G Active Layers
Waleed A. Hussain, Fatima H. Malk
12 Responses of Physiological Traits of Two un-or Mycorrhizal Leguminous Plants [Tephrosia vogelii Hook F. and Vigna subterranean (L.) Verdcourt] Under Drought Stress at an Early Growth Phase
Esaïe TSOATA, siméon Raphaël Njock ,Youmbi Emmanuel , Dieudonné Nwaga
13 A Note On The Mathematical Model For The Dynamics Of Bird Flu Disease
S.A. Egbetade, I.A. Salawu
14 Effect of Air Pressure on the Output of Photovoltaic Panel and Solar Illuminance (or Intensity)
Joseph Amajama
15 Mechanical Behaviour Of Fillers In Nylon 11
S.A. Pande
16 Application Of Asfcm Segmentation
17 Effect Of Air Temperature On The Output Of Photovoltaic Panels And Its Relationship With Solar Illuminance/Intensity
Joseph Amajama,Samuel Eyeh Mopta
18 An Enhancement Of Efficiency Of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell By Minimizing Formation Of Aggregation Of Sq2 Dye By Co-Absorption Of N719 Dye
Prasad Sirimanne, Thusitha Etampawala
19 A Novel Approach on Offline Kannada and English Handwritten Words
Kumar B.Y, Keshava Prasanna , Savitha.R
20 Rain infiltration into loess soil under different rain intensities and slope angles
Nazar Ahmed Abdallah, Lei Ting Wua , Ali Widaa Mohammed Elamin
21 Subsurface Geological setting and Reservoir Characterization of East Zeit oil Field, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
Abd Elhady, M. A., T.F. El Zefzaf, T.A.Hamed , M.M.M.Hegazy
22 The effect of pruning and planting density on yield of greenhouses cucumber in Jiroft
Sibgolab. Khoshkam
23 Morphological Characteristics of Stem and Leaf of Lygodium Species in Palompon, Leyte Philippines: Basis for Species Diversification
Madelyn B. Ginco,Neil L. Egloso,Susan S. Entoma
24 Poor Quality Fingerprint Recognition Based on Wave Atom Transform
Waleed Abudalal,Mohammed Alhanjouri
25 Statistical Analysis of Vietnamese Dialect Corpus and Dialect Identification Experiments
Pham Ngoc Hung,Trinh Van Loan,Nguyen Hong Quang
26 Study Of Elimination And Influence Of Reaction Parameters On Aluminium Sulfate Stoichiometry / Pesticide Ridomil-Gold 66Wp In Aqueous Solution
D. Tadom , S. Djepang,E. Njoyim , R. Nguefack,S. Laminsi
27 Studies on F1 and F2 generations of soybean for correlation and path coefficient in Tarai region of Uttrakhand
Meenakshi Joshi, Kamendra Singh, Pushpendra ,Anupam Barh
28 A Note on Absolute Difference of Cubic and Square Sum Labeling of a Class of Trees
Mathew Varkey T K, Sunoj B S
29 A study on Optimization Modeling and Simulation in HVAC system – A Global Approach
Dr. Jen Jacob
30 Cloud and virtualization: The missing cloud in virtualization
Amanze B.C,Nwoke B.C,AmaFule I.A,Chilaka udocukwu
31 Analysis Of Water Quality Using Physico-Chemical Parameters From Various Dams Of Amaravati District, Maharashtra, India
Umesh Chaudhari,Sunil Kondulkar , Atul Wanjari,Nitin Wanjari
32 Enhanced Lifetime of the WSN Network using Fuzzy – Based Clustering Algorithm
Daljeet Kaur,Garima Malik
33 A Rapidly Convergent Approximation Method for Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations
Prakash Kumar Das,M. M. Panja