Volume 1 – Issue 2

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1 Preferred Teaching Methods In Anatomy — Students Perspective
Dr Shifan Khanday, Dr Shefa Gawahish Dr Sudhakshina Chakarbarthy
2 Physical And Transport Properties Of Cuo-Mno2-B2O3 Glasses
W. J. Gawande, S. S. Yawale S. P. Yawale
3 Review Of Optimization Of Pipeline For Cass For Best Performance With Heat Recovery In Compressors
Vishal Padre, Mahesh Wagh Nilkanth Shinde
4 Generalized Method For Image Data Clustering
Ashwini Gulhane, Shreyas Deshmukh
5 Efficient Search Result Alignment With Annotation Of Content And Querying Value
A.Krishna Priya, S. Rajiya Sulthana
6 A Soft Scalable Way For Service For Testing And Monitoring Large Network Systems
Sabiha, S.Rajiya Sulthana
7 Distributed Caching Algorithms For Content Distribution Networks
Safia, S.Rajiya Sulthana
8 Top-K Query Result Completeness Verification In Tiered Sensor Networks
, S.Rajiya Sulthana
9 Sybildefender: Defend Against Sybil Attacks In Large Social Networks
Sumalatha, S.Rajiya Sulthana
39- 40
10 Method And Apparatus For Reducing Network Traffic Over Low Bandwidth Links
Suleka, S.Rajiya Sulthana
11 Efficient Data Accessibility And Reducing Caching Overhead In Dtn’S Through Using Ncl’S
K.Moulija, S.Rajiya Sulthana
12 An Optimal Distributed Malware Defense System For Mobile Networks With Heterogeneous Devices
S.Mabjan, S.Rajiya Sulthana
13 The Effect Of Packet Reordering And Encrypted Traffic On Streaming Content Leakage Detection
B.Praveena, S.Rajiya Sulthana
14 Another Vision Of Image Steganography
Souma Pal, Samir K. Bandyopadhyay2
50 – 57
15 Review On Front Contact Metallization Paste Using Silver Nano Particles For Performance Improvement In Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell
Dhanaji Bhosale, Mahesh Wagh Nilkanth Shinde
16 Designing Evaluation Indicators For School Lunches Provided By Primary Schools
Shu-Huiok Wang, Cheng-I Hou Chih-Yao Lo,Yen-Ping Tung
17 Automation of web services behavior using WS-Policy
Jayashree. K , Chithambaramani. R
70 – 78
18 A Minimum Features Based Algorithm To Implement Content Oriented Video Retrieval And Video Shot Boundary Detection
Krutarth A. Mehta, Sandip B. Chotaliya
79 – 87
19 Interaction Study On Diethyl Maleate + Ketone Binary Mixtures: Application Of Pfp Theory To Excess Volumes
Manapragada .V. Rathnam, Sudhir Mohite Manapragada. S. S. Kumar,Sadanand Dharap
20 Improvising Routing And Security In Manet With Game Theory
Jeevanantham S, Dr. Spk.Babu
21 Design Of Pedal Driven Unit: An Unconventional Alternative Energy Source
M. S. Giripunje, S. K. Undirwade N. Waghamare
22 Formulation Of Experimental Data Based Model For Bamboo Sliver Cutting Using Hpfm: A Literature Review
S. K. Undirwade, Dr. M.P. Singh , Dr. C.N. Sakhale
23 Determination Of Optimum Percentage Of Metakaolin By Compressive Strength And Xrd Analysis.
Kamaldeep Kaur, Jaspal Singh Devinder Singh
24 Prediction Of The Overall Sound Level Of Diesel Engine With Bioethanol & Diesel Blend Fuels By Help Of Back-Propagation Error Algorithm
Abbas Ali Taghipoor Bafghi, Babak Beheshti
25 A Study Of Investigating The Reading Motivation Of Elementary School Students
Shu-Huiok Wang, Cheng-I Hou Chih-Yao Lo,Ching-Chun Chen
26 An Overview On Authentication In Wireless Sensor Networks
S.Shalini, M.S.Bonshia Binu
27 Dsp Based Interleaved Boost Converter For Fuel Cell Distributed Generation System
Karthikeyan P, K.Preetha
29 An Introduction To Rms: Reconfigurable Manufacturing System
Deepika Kar, Dhananjay Kr Singh
30 Big Data Analytics On Cab Company’S Customer Dataset Using Hive And Tableau
Dipesh Bhawnani, Dimple Bohra,Haresh Ahuja ,Ashish Sanwlani
31 Detection Of Exudates And Classification Of Retina Images Using Random Forest Classifier
Prachi S.Bhave, A.S. Jadhav
32 Analysis and Enhancements of Index Based Hibernate Search Applications
Prashant Singh, P N Barwal
33 File Tracking System
Vikash Kumar, P N Barwal ,B. K. Murthy