Volume 8 – Issue 8

ID Title PageNo
1 Temperature Detection Using an IR Camera
José-Ignacio Vega-Luna, Gerardo Salgado-Guzmán, José-Francisco Cosme-Aceves, Francisco-Javier Sánchez-Rangel, Víctor-Noé Tapia-Vargas 
1 – 8
2 Auditory System and Noise Pollution In The Course Of Study Related To The Biological Science At Various Level
Dr. Ashwani Kumar Gupta 
9 – 17
3 Experiences, Challenges And Roles Of School Heads In The Implementation Of School Learning Action Cell
Ronielyn l. Cortejo 
18 – 26
4 Preliminary evaluation of the larvicidal activity and phytochemical study of aqueous extracts of eleven plants of the Niger biodiversity on Anopheles L2 larvae.
Baoua idi Mahaman Toudou , Djibo Alfa Keita, Ali Doumma 
27 – 41
5 The Influence of Attitude on the Use of Female Condoms among Women Age 18-24 Years in Kisauni Sub-County, Mombasa- Kenya
Lordin Wanjala, Amos Ayunga
42 – 54
6 Uterine Prolapse In Women Of Different Age Groups: 4 Cases Report
Dr Ramya Bala Prabha.G , Rama Rao.T , Palle Sree Lakshmi , Mohd Qhader Shareef , Jeevana Kumari.C , K. Sindhuja , Syeda Juveriya Amreen , Syeda Tazheen Fatima
55 – 60
7 Health Care Finance and Public Health
Salihu Abubakar Dauda, Dr Surrender Kumar
61 – 69
8 Implementation and Practices of Teachers on Solid Waste Management at Esperanza District I: Basis for Implementation of School-Based Practices
Maria Runa C.Orbe
70 – 79
9 Derivation of the Schwarzschild Radius Formula on the Basis Generalized Special Relativity
Mohammed Saeed Dawood Aamir, Mubarak Dirar Abdallah, Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed
80 – 85
10 Derivation of Special Relativistic Relations Using Space-time Four Dimensional Coordinates Distance Force and Energy
Mubarak Dirar Abdallah , Mohammed Saeed Dawood Aamir, Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed & Sami Abdalla Elbadawi Mohamed
86 – 91
11 Optimization Of Culture Conditions For Bacillus Subtilis Rgt2 Bacteria Capable Of Producing Polyphenols By Response Surface Method
Huynh Van Truong, Tran Chi Linh, Huynh Gia Bao
92 – 101
12 Development Of An Intelligent Traffic Control System With Backtracking
Faluyi Bamidele Ibitayo, Akomolede Kehinde Kayode, Makinde Bukola Oyeladun
102 – 121