Volume 8 – Issue 7

ID Title PageNo
1 A Dissertation Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree “Can Deep Sea Water be Processed into Potable Water and Distributed into the Middle East”?
Diane Roessler Weinert 
1 – 28
2 Smart Agriculture and Automated Irrigation System
Siddhant Sawhney, Rupali Saini, Ayushi Bindroo, Aditya Jerath, Dr. Simmi Dutta, Ms. Arshia Gupta
29 – 32
3 Coral Reef Mapping As Areas for Diving and Snorkeling Tourism at Pari Island Kepulauan Seribu DKI Jakarta
Donny J. Prihadi, Abdulloh Mukhtar, Zhang Guanghai
4 Surface Sterilization System Using UV-C Light: A Review
D. Kosale, Shivashish Shukla, Anand Krishna Shukla
45 – 53
5 Using Regression Coefficient in Epidemiology; a Case Study of HIV
Ejiro.S.Omokoh and Ifeoma.O.Ejinkonye
54 – 61
6 Isolation of Proteolytic Bacteria from Pond Sediments for the Maintenance of an Integrated System Fish and Rice
Kasprijo, R. M. Riady, Ren Fitriadi, Rudi wijaya, and Mahaendro Santosa
62 – 71
7 New Analytical Tecnique for Determination of Trace Amount of V(V) by using UV-Visible Spectrophotometric Method with Photometric Reagent
72 – 76
8 Toxicity Levels of Heavy Metals in Surface Water Resources Around the Enyigba Lead- zinc Mining Area, Ebonyi State, Southeastern Nigeria
Okabe, P. O, Obasi, P. N, Omeokachie, A. I. Alieze, I. V. and Ovu, S. C.
77 – 91
9 Mathematical Modeling of Quality Factors in Building Maintenance Projects in Bahrain
Al-Nasser, and M. P. Saka
92 – 137
10 Solar Cell research output in India: A Scientometric Study
S. Ravichandran, Dr.S.Vivekanandhan, G.VinitaAngeline
138 – 158
11 Developing Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato Drinks (As Vitamin A Alternative) From Locally Grown Sweet Potatoes For Household Conumption.
Dolly Anna Gandhi , James Koiva Senesie
159 – 189
12 Darcy-Forchheimer Flow On Variable Thermal Conductivity, Heat Source, And Suction/Injection In Channels: Numerical Therapy.
Hussaini Abdullahi, Ahmad Rufai, Sadiq Shehu
190 – 206