Volume 8 – Issue 3

ID Title PageNo
1 Density Functional Theory Study on the Electronic Properties of Mg Doped FePS3
Collins Ebiyibo Ouserigha, Ayibapreye Kelvin Benjamin
1 – 7
2 Study Of The Indiscriminated Use Of Ansiolytic Medication In Old Age
Sâmela Benedita Marcelino da Costa , Fulvia de Souza Veronez, Lays Zilioli Bellini
8 – 16
3 Every Simple Planar Graph Is 4-Colorable
N.V. Deshpande, P. P. Kale
17 – 20
4 The Unheard Voices: A Case Study of Girl Child Soldiers in Congo
Dr. Gauri Narain Mathur
21 – 30
5 Effect of processing on agglomeration and characteristics of cobalt doped zinc selenide nanoparticles synthesized by reactive solution method
Brett Setera, Ching Hua Su, David Sachs, Bradley Arnold, Fow-Sen Choa, Brian Cullum and N. B. Singh
31 – 41
6 Production, Evaluation and Packaging of Zoginsic Tea for the Management of Diabetics, Renal Dysfunction and Urinary Tract Infections.
Efosa J. O., Enuma C. H. and Aliemhe C.
42 – 57
7 Empirical Evaluation of Weibull Distribution in Black-Scholes Call Option Pricing Model
Chukwudi A. Ugomma and Felix N. Nwobi
58 – 65
8 Paleoproterozoic basaltic rocks related to plumes in the Gorouol belt (Liptako West Niger)
Mallam Mamane Hallarou , Konaté Moussa , Yacouba Ahmed, Mahamane Moustapha Sanda Chékaraou, Sofiyane Abdourahamane Attourabi, Lawali Idi Chamsi, Gambo Ranaou Noura
66 – 73
9 Analytical Study of Leakage of Viscous Flow in a Cylindrical Pipe
Yusuf S. I., Ejeh S. , Olayiwola R.O.
74 – 93