Volume 7 – Issue 9

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1 Comparison of Two Different Technical Solutions in Mitigating Pipeline Vandalism in Nigeria’s Niger Delta
Agomuoh A. E; Ossia C.V; Chukwuma F.O.
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2 Synthesis of SnS Nanoparticles for Next Generation Photovoltaic Applications
A.P. Sunitha, K. Nayana, M.S. Arya, S. B. Rakesh Chandran
3 Customer Satisfaction on Public Bus Network System on Malacca, Malaysia
Faza Nadhirah Mohd Zahri, Zuhra Junaida Mohamad Husny
4 Keshya Yogas Mentioned In Gadanigraha – A Review
K.Madhusudana Rao, Renu Dixit, PHC murthy
5 Opportunities and Challenges of Cloud Computing to Improve Security
Mr. Akhilesh Saini
6 Covid-19 impact: The shift from offline to online learning
Samaresh Chattaraj
7 Smart City Vehicular Network Models Based On IOV Technology
Ravi Shankar Shukla
8 Some Properties on Picture Fuzzy Bi-Matrix
V. Chinnadurai, S. Madhanraj, A. Bobin , A. Arulselvam
9 Impact Of Distributed Generation On Distribution Network Stability
Sunkanmi Olajide, Akmal Muhammad
10 Analytical Study On Indian Railway Network:Anti Collision System
Sayantani Nayek, Swagata Ghoshal,Riya Chowdhury,Arunima Marik,Moupali Roy
11 Thermal Mineral Water Source In Kllokot, Correlated With The Spread Of Seismic Waves In Zone
Dr.SC. Atifete Zuna
12 Protective Role Of Aqueous Extract Of Amla On The Liver Function Markers Of Albino Rats Exposed To Environmental Tobacco Smoke
Rashaid Ali Mustafa, Asha Agarwal And Rafat Khan
13 Assessing The Effects Of Training And Development On Employee’s Performance In Sierra Leone
Edwin Augustine Junior Turay And Eric Komba Foyoh Mani
14 Studying Allelopathy Effect on Aquatic Extracts of Activity Substance for some plants on germination and growth of Date Palm Seedling Phoenix dactylefera
Samar Emad Ezzat
15 Computing for Genomics and Proteomics in Microbial biotechnology in the identification of SARS COV2 Variants
Sudheer Menon
16 Counter to avoid gathering situation in a place during (COVID-19)
Rohit Kumar Ghosh, Soumya Das, Raktim Mallick