Volume 7 – Issue 4

ID Title PageNo
1 Benefit In The Cultural Norm Prespective Of Fish Farmers (Study In Tebalo Manyar Gresik)
Rahmat Agus Santoso, Winda Adelia Rohmah, Anita Handayani
2 Study Of Impatiens Glandulifera Competitors Among Native Plant Species And Their Potential For Control Of The Soil Erosion In Riparian Habitats
Plamen S. Glogov, Mira L. Georgieva
3 Impact of physical factor on floral waste pre decomposition through Search experiment
Hemant samadhiya, R.B Gupta and O.P Agarwal,
4 Machine Learning Models for Diabetes Prediction
Jeremy Pennington
5 A novel meta-heuristic method for solving combined heat and power economic dispatch problem
Nguyen Anh Tang, Ta Minh Cuong, Nguyen Minh Duc Cuong
6 Applications of PSO Variants for Combined Heat and Power Dispatch Problem
Quach Minh Thu, Nguyen Thuy Linh and Do Huynh Thanh Phong
7 Measure of Mutated Slope Rotatability for Response Surface Designs of Second Order Model Using a Pair of Similar Incomplete Block Designs
P. Jyostna and B. Re. Victor Babu
8 Techniques To Minimizie The Lateness, Makespan, And Energy Efficiency Factors In Job Shop Scheduling
K.Anandapadmanabhan, Dr V. P. Eshwaramurthy
9 Techniques With Biomarkers For Secondary Prevention In Heart Patients
Anita L. R. Saldanha, Ana Paula Pantoja Margeotto, André Luiz Valera Gasparoto, Rodrigo Moreira Castro, Rodrigo Freire Bezerra, Douglas Rossoni,Tania Leme da Rocha Martinez,
10 Acquisition Process And Collection Development Policy In Selected Higher Institution In Yobe State Of Nigeria
Sanda Grema, Ali Usman
11 Appraisal of Marketing of Hot Pepper and the Effect of Post- Harvest profit Losses to Farmers in Two Local Government Areas of Yobe State, Nigeria.
Sa`adu Lawan
12 Can the Islamic Theology Inculcate the National Integration in India?
Samiul Sk, DR. Kausik Chatterjee
13 Social Network Analysis And Its Impact On The Student Improved Academic Performance.
Ofualagba Mamuyovwi Helen
14 Method for Ecological Risk Assessment of The Invasive Alien Species Impatiens Glandulifera Royle in Bulgaria
Plamen Glogov, Mira L. Georgieva1 Georgi Hinkov
15 Device Controller using I2C Bus Protocol by FSM based Verilog code
Gopalakrishna P, Dr. P. A. Vijaya
16 Strategy of Salt Tolerance and Productive Effects of Bacillus tequilensis Under Specific Conditions
Nidhi Bhadaniya, Aakruti Patel, Divya Metaliya, Zalak Rathod, Meenu Saraf
17 Future forest of Ranchi, state capital of Jharkhand with special reference of Jan Van Yojna of Jharkhand: Analysis of the action plan and suggestions for the implementations.
Naheed Irfan, Md. Shahzad Ahmad, Naiyar Naaz and Jyoti Kumar
18 Study on Avifaunal Diversity of four different Mangrove regions of Kundapura
VijayaKumar K.M and VijayaKumara
19 Development of sol-gel based carbon ceramic electrode modified by graphene oxide – polypyrrole nanocomposite for simultaneous determination of uric acid and dopamine in presence of ascorbic acid
Mir Reza Majidi, Hamed Tari, Alessandro Bile, Eugenio Fazio
20 Reduse Disposal And Management: An Approach In Reducing Health Problem Occasioned Be Indiscriminate Disposal Of Wastes In Geidam Town.
Gambomi Goni Musa, Sanda Grema
21 Mobile Application-Based Wireless Automatic Water Level Controller
Aaron Okiemute Onyan, Joseph Ebosetale Okhaifoh
22 Variability assessment of different treatment effect on antioxidant capacity, total carotenoid & ascorbic acid content of three Mango (Magnifera Indica) cultivars.
Sunzida Akhter, Shireen Akther, Sultan Mohd. Adnan, S. M. Ziaul Haque, Mohammad Mainuddin Molla, Mahfujul Alam