Volume 7 – Issue 11

ID Title PageNo
1 Barriers to employing E-learning for primary school students in the COVID19 pandemic from the teachers’ perspectives, and ways to treat them
Dr. Alaa Aladini, Dr. Mahmoud Jalambo
1 – 6
2 Population fluctuation of soil microarthropods in different parts of newly emerged virgin deltaic Island, West Bengal, India.
M.K.Dey and A.K.Hazra
7 – 21
3 Micro-Macro Mechanics Methods for Prediction of Effective Engineering Constants of Fibre-Reinforced, Variable Ply-Thickness Laminated Composite Panels
Umar Farooq, Peter Myler, Mamoona Siddique
22 – 59
4 Repellency Action On Silverfish (Lepisma Saccharina) Of Some Essential Oils Like Azardiracta Indica And Mentha Piperita
Suboohi Nasrin, Mhd Shahid and Abduraheem. K
60 – 72
5 Majors Fruits Used By The People Of Vicinity Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, And Kavre District Of Nepal For The Fulfillment Of Basic Nutritional Requirements
Shreejana K.C.
73 -81
6 Majors Flowers Found In The Central Region Of Nepal And Identification Of Their Concealed Merits And Uses In Everyday Life
Shreejana K.C.
82 -90
7 An Improved Mathematical Model using PSO for Estimating Polarization Parameters of Power Transformer Oil-Paper Insulation with FDS data
António Tomé Mandala, Zhang Tao, Blaise Kevine Lenz Soronga
91 -99
8 To Improve Crop Biomass by 2-keto-L-Gulonic Acid supplementation: A Preliminary Study with Non-Heading Chinese Cabbage
Haozhe Xu, Ying Wang , Hui Xu
100 -104
9 Processing and Health Benefits of Coffee: A Review
Mushtaq Ahmad Beigh, Aaruba Maqbool Sofi, Nazrana Rafique Wani*, Monika Reshi
105 -120
10 Emotion Detection based on Facial Image Using Machine Learning Algorithm
Noor Bhagaskoro Liestantyo Hadhy, Aris Puji Widodo, Suryono Suryono
121 -135
11 Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern Of Hospital Wastewaters’ Bacteria From Oyun Local Government Area Of Kwara State, Nigeria.
Usman Kolawole Muftau, Arotupin Daniel Juwon and Ekundayo, F.O
125 -151
12 Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis)- a review on its pronounced bioactive properties and future applications in food technology and pharmaceutics
Akshay P, Amruth P., Rosemol Jacob M., Preethy Treesa Paul, George Ninan, Suseela Mathew
152 -159
13 Anti-viral properties of carrageenan, a sulphated polysaccharide derived from marine red algae against Covid 19 (SARS-CoV-2) infection- Future prospective
Amruth P., Akshay P., Rosemol Jacob M., R. Anandan, Suseela Mathew
160 -170
14 The association between knowledge of the female condom and the use among women age 18-24 years in Kisauni Sub-County, Mombasa -Kenya
Lordin Wanjala
171 -182
15 Assessing the Effects of Polygamy on Child Rearing in Sierra Leone
Florence Wuyah Baion, Neima Rita Samai, James Koiva Senesie, Marion Baby-may Nyakoi, Eric Komba Foyoh Mani
183 -203
16 Assessing Food Taboos and Their Nutritional Implications On Pregnant Women In Sierra Leone.
Florence Wuyah Baion, Neima Rita Samai, James Koiva Senesie, Eric Komba Foyoh Mani, Marion Baby-may Nyakoi
204 -230