Volume 7 – Issue 10

ID Title PageNo
1 Relative study of Calcium Oxalate crystals coupled to Starch storage in Dioscorea alata Linn. and Dioscorea bulbifera Linn of Wayanad District
Sruthi, P, Abdussalam, A.K.
1 – 6
2 The Impact Of The Board Of Directors On The Financial Performance Of Nigerian Banking Sector
Arkila Yelmi, Yakubu Yahaya
7 – 28
3 The Effectiveness Of Training And Development Programs In An Organization :
Charles Sorie Kennedy Konteh
29 – 49
4 Oil Tax Revenue And Economic Growth In Nigeria (2000-2019)
Dr. Abolade Francis Akintola, Dr. Timothy Adisa Soetan, Olubukunmi Adeboye Adesanya
50 -58
5 French Language Teaching In Primary In Portloko In Particular And In Sierra Leone In General
Osman Sesay
59 -66
6 Design and Construction of Modular Solid Waste Incinerator for Auchi Polytechnic Auchi
Amoko, Oluwole, Iliya, Ezekiel
67 -75
7 The Sociolinguistic Situation in Sierra Leone.
Osman Sesay
76 -83
8 Determination of Essential Elements in (Toty, Sardia) Soil Using X-Ray Fluorescence
Nafisa Badr Eldin Mohamed Salih & Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed
84 -100
9 The Impact of the Contemporary Construction Materials on the Envelope of Buildings
M. Galhoum, E. Abo El-Eneen, A. Saleh
10 The Challenges That Affect The Growth And Development Of Small And Medium Enterprises In Bauchi State, Nigeria
Umar Ayuba Dutse
11 Metabolism of phenolic compounds during infection of cotton (gossypium hirsutum l. cv. R405-2000) in vitro plants and callus by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum, a causal agent of Fusarium wilt
Yao Kouakou François KONAN, N’GORAN Ahou Régine ép Bla, AYOLIE Koutoua, Kouakou Tano Hilaire
13 Façade Retrofit Material for Energy Efficiency in Hot and Humid Climate – Case Studies from Multistoried Office Building in Chennai, India.
Chandrasekaran .Chockalingam, Prof Dr. Kumuthavalli Sasidhar , Prof.Dr.A.Mathumathi
14 Monitoring & Evaluation and its importance.
Osman Sesay
15 The importance of Traditional societies in Sierra Leone in Enforcing Traditional Laws and Customs.
Osman Sesay
16 Accessibility of Healthcare Facilities Across the Hill and Valley Districts of Northeastern States of India
Deepali Chanu Sanasam
17 A Brief Review on Ayurvedic Management of Madhumeha (Diabetes Mellitus)
Dr. P.S.R.S.Pravallika, Dr. P. Sai Sudhakar, Dr. K. Srinivas.
18 Millimetre Wave Scattering by Spherical Hydrometeors at Selected WindSat Frequencies
Ayibapreye Benjamin, Ogoina Alaowei, Aguiyi Watson
19 Analytical Modelling And Computer Simulation Of Effective Engineering Properties Of Sandwich Composite Panels Using Axial-Compressive And Flexural Techniques
Umar Farooq, Peter Myler, Mamoona Siddique
20 The Interference Of Krio In The Learning Of English In The Senior Secondary School
Charles Sorie Kennedy Konteh.
21 Dietary Diversity And Nutritional Status Among 18-49 Years Expectent Mothers In Maforki Chiefdom, Port Loko City North-West Region.
Marion Malia Jigba