Volume 6 – Issue 8

ID Title PageNo
1 Recovery of low rank and sparse structure pursuit by alternative minimization
Amina Shiroz, Aparna P.R
2 Advanced Exergoeconomic and Exergy Cost Sensitivity Analyses Of Steam Power Plants
Malik F.Elmzughi, Elham M.Radwan, Mawadda A.Bahoor, Elhadi I. Dekam
3 Postoperative Adhesions In Routine Practice Of Digestive Surgery In Madagascar
Rahantasoa Finaritra CFP, Andriantsoa Alann AA,Andriamanana AL , Andrianah Gabriel, Rakoto Ratsimba HN, Samison LH.
4 Do We Really Need Libraries In The Digital Era: An Analytical Study
Sujatha P L, Appa Rao V
5 Global Statues Of Agriculture And Its Revolution During Covid19
Gulshan K. Pattnaik , Subhalakshmi Das and Babita Kumari
6 Employee Empowerment: An Important Tool for Faculty Retention
Dr. Pooja Sharma
7 Obstacles to Extension Education from the Perspective of Animal Science Teachers and Researchers
Hsiu Chu Lee, Liang Chou Hsia, Jai Wee Lee
8 To Investigate Eccentric Beam Column Joint Behavior Without Seismic Forces
Prof. Vijay Namdeo Shinde,Prof. Yashwant Prabhakar Pawar
9 A Review On Enhanced Crypto Security In Different Fields On Cloud Storage Platform
Dr.R.Malathi Ravindran, Mr.P.Prabhakaran
10 Solutions of Polynomial Equation of the 3rd degree using Vedic Method
Prof. C. Santhamma
11 Constraints in Adoption of Recommended Paddy Cultivation Practices in Narmada District.
V. K. Poshiya, M. V. Tiwari, P. D. Verma
12 A Comparative Study Of Age Vs Sex On Bone Mineral Density In General Population Kanchipuram District
Ursula Sampson, Sumanth Kumar. B, Ponnazhagn.K, Pratheeba
13 Modification of a Spark Ignition Engine to a Dual Fuel (Methane/Diesel) System to Achieve Environmental and Economic Benefits
Ayiei Ayiei
14 Effect of Ash fusion temperature to sub-bituminous coal blends with new formulated D and K additives in 150kWth combustion test rig
H.Hamdan, H. Hasril
15 Biochemistry Teachingfor Competency Based Medical Education in Musculoskeletal System
Dr. J. Pratheeba, Dr. Ursula Sampson, Dr. Sumanth Kumar, K. Ponnazhagan